Create 100,000+ lines of code in three minutes!
Blazor Studio Visual Studio Extension

A Visual Studio extension allowing you to create NO CODE and LOW CODE line-of-business and back-office web applications quickly and easily and in minutes.  Projects created are stand-alone and can be easily customized.

Industry Standards

Blazor Studio generates well formed C# projects.  Our solution scaffolding uses an N-Tier architecture and is built using industry best practices.

Tools You Love

Made for Blazor websites, we generate code for the popular Blazorise library and Bootstrap.  And our solution templates are easily customized.

Page/View Builder

Create Models and Views using Blazor Studio designer, integrated directly into Visual Studio.  Adding new pages is literally point-and-click/

Easy to Edit

Code is generated from templates which are accessible and editable by you and your team allowing you to extend your projects even further.

Why we are!!

Blazor Studio Key Features

Blazor Studio is a Visual Studio Extension with templates that allows you to easily stand up a new web REST API and Blazor back-office web application in only a few minutes - saving you hours, and even days of work for each project.

The sites generated by Blazor Studio include the following features:

Responsive Design

Website pages are fully responsive. Bring any device to the party!

Browser compatibility

Websites run on any modern browser. Many older browsers are supported too.

Built with Blazorise

Our templates incorporate the very popular open-source Blazorise library.

Based on Bootstrap 4

Our templates are based on the popular bootstrap 4 library. Your developers will feel at home.

Easy to edit

Modify templates to suit your needs. Change layout, security, database or whatever.


New views created all the time - calendar views, profile page, blogs, etc.

As Blazor Studio continues to grow, keep up-to-date and take advantage of new features - templates, layouts, views, reports, and queries, etc. We are constantly updating and enhancing Blazor Studio to meet your demands.

No-Code and Low-Code Websites with ease

Blazor Studio creates Blazor web applications and REST API MicroServices based on your database schema, saving your developers time and money.
Pricing Plan

Choose your Subscription

Each subscription level adds more and more features to your application. Choose the level which fits your needs. All versions include the Form Designer which allows your developers to create forms direclty from the table schemas.



Per developer/per year.

  • 15 Table Limit per Project
  • 10 Page Limit per Project
  • SQL Server support
  • Online support
  • Custom Components
  • MySQL/Oracle/Postgres
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Per developer/per year

  • Unlimited Tables per Project
  • Unlimited Forms per Project
  • MSSQL/MySql database support
  • Form Designer
  • 24 hour E-Mail support
  • Postgres/Sqlite Support



Per developer/per year

  • Unlimited Tables per Project
  • Unlimited Forms per Project
  • MSSQL/MySql/Postgress/Sqlite
  • 12 hour phone support response
  • Priority bug fixes
  • Priority feature enhancements


Pay for your subscription on a month-to-month payment plan.

Standard Monthly

30 / month

Per developer, billed monthly

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Professional Monthly

75/ month

Per developer, billed monthly

Enterprise Monthly

--/ month

Not available in monthly pricing

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